Who We Are

I say “we” because I am part of a team. Although I am an agent working for Re/Max On The Lake, I am also a member of the J. Fraser Group of real estate agents that operate under the umbrella of Re/Max On The Lake. To clarify, here’s a description of how each part operates.

The J. Fraser Group

The J. Fraser Group is a team of real estate professionals who work cooperatively to provide superior customer service to our clients, to share knowledge, and to ensure our clients get the best deal, every time. Our agents are cooperative and resourceful, utilizing technology to get faster and more outstanding results. When you choose to work with us, you are getting the collective expertise that our team can provide. You will never have to second-guess yourself about getting the greatest possible outcome.

A Personal Touch

Though we work as a team, a single agent will still be your point of contact. Each agent in the team fills a role best suited for their skills and expertise. The lead agent for your transaction will manage the majority of the legwork and keep you updated throughout the process. The team will support as needed, so you always have a team of skilled agents on your side.

Re/Max On The Lake

Re/Max On The Lake is the fastest-growing, most modern real estate firm in Washington. We have offices all over the Puget Sound region. Using cutting-edge tools, we have the ability to complete your transaction with unmatched flexibility and speed. We use online tools to keep all parties up to date on the progress of a transaction. This efficient and proven system allows us to put your home on the market faster, and it provides more opportunities for potential buyers to discover it, which leads to more competitive offers in a shorter period of time.