Services Offered To Potential Buyers

Typical Services:

Tailor Made Search Strategies Depending on Your Needs
We may meet and talk about your wants and needs with regard to real estate several times. The strategy that I pitch to you will change and adapt as I help you through this process and get to know you. My recommendations are tailored to your situation, and not just a default formula.

Strong Working Relationships with Contractors, Escrow, and Financial Institutions
I have a network of people that I trust to deliver the high quality, full service that I advertise. Anybody I refer to you has a proven track record. Although I have my own preferences when it comes to Escrow companies and Lenders, if you already have somebody that you are working with, I will reach out to them to keep communication lines open, and everybody on the same page.

I will be by your side every step of the way as you search for you home. I attend home inspections to offer my own thoughts and to make sure the inspector is being thorough.

You will not be left in the dark. I’ll be sure you know exactly what is happening with your transaction as it progresses. We can establish a regular communication schedule, or I can just let you know when certain milestones are hit. The more you know, the less you have to stress. This also goes for coordinating with contractors and other parties in the transaction.

What I know works for you. My brain is my tool that I share with you, and I keep my tools sharp. The contract I write, and the negotiation that I do on your behalf, will protect you.

Extra Services Beyond the Typical:

Home Warranties
At no cost to you. I stand behind my work, and will pay the bill. If something breaks in your new home, you are covered.

Incentives for Cleaning and Repairs with Trusted Contractors
I can give you a referral and coupon for some minor touch ups to your new home to sweeten the deal.

Moving and Storage Services
I’ll take the headache out of getting your stuff from one place to the next.

Collaboration with a Premium, Knowledgeable Real Estate Team
I am a member of the J. Fraser Group of Real Estate Professionals. We watch out for each other and share knowledge. If for some reason I absolutely can’t make it to an important meeting, such as a home inspection, then a trustworthy representative will be there in my stead. However, this situation is rare, as presence is a high priority for me.

Free Market Evaluation
Sure, you can look at the list price of a house, but I’ll go one step further and actually measure it’s worth with fresh data.

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