Preparing to Show

Getting ready to put your home on the market requires some preparation.


A vacant home is easier to sell because potential buyers don’t need to make appointments to show your home. Also, the less clutter that is around your home, the more appealing your home will be to anybody that views it. Even if you can’t move yourself out before your home goes on the market, you can still store your less-essential items off-site. You should also consider storing valuables off-site to minimize the risk of them being lost or stolen as people view your property. There are moving companies that can take some or all of your stuff and put it into storage until you are ready to do a complete move.

Note: You can ask your agent for a referral or comparison of moving companies. They may be able to get you an incentivized deal!


Depending on the situation, a professional stager can make a difference in how fast and how favorably your home sells. If your home is vacant, a stager can bring in furniture that emphasizes the space of your home and makes it easier for potential buyers to view themselves living there. If you plan to live in your home while it’s on the market, consider minimizing your furniture by putting some of it into storage. Some stagers will help to arrange your home to show with the furniture you own. At the very least, your agent can offer some tips. Also, a little bit of staging can add a lot to your listing photos.


It is important that you move all family photos, trophies, and unique furniture that has a sentimental association out of sight. When somebody comes to view your home, they should imagine themselves living there, not somebody else. Also, personal items often distract buyers, and slow down their tour.