These are some additional notes about how we use photography to market your home.

Since most home searches start online, photos are the first impression that most people will get of your home. It is important that we provide numerous high-quality photos for people to view. Higher-quality photos will also translate to higher-quality marketing, which translates to more interest in your listing.

We always hire professional photographers at our own expense. They have the relevant experience in the field to know what makes your home look appealing. We will accompany them when they arrive for their photography appointment, and work with them to make sure everything looks good, and that they get their job done in a timely manner. Our photographers will edit the photos to make sure they look consistent, bright, and emphasize the best qualities of your home.

Note: Do not be seduced by real estate agents with fancy cameras. Professional stagers and photographers know how to make your home look best in photos. Since photos are usually the first thing people notice about your property, we don’t skimp on it.