Intelligent Pricing and Timing

Pricing your home correctly yields measurably better results. The chart below shows how many buyers will see your home at different price levels.

Sellers often view their homes as special which tempts them to put a higher price on the home, believing they can always come down later, but that’s a serious mistake.

Overpricing prevents the very buyers who are eligible to buy the home from ever seeing it. Most buyers shop by price range, and look for the best value in that range.

Statistically, by pricing at or near fair market value, more buyers will see your home and more competitive offers to purchase will be submitted. The first two weeks of marketing are crucial to selling the property. In that time, the home is fresh and exciting to buyers and their agents. It is important that your home is priced correctly from the beginning so that more people will consider it in their search.

Note: An agent is an objective third party that can make a non-emotional assessment of the value of your home. Their expertise in this area is based on knowledge, training, and experience.